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Website design has come a long way since the inception of the Internet. The web as we know it is about 30+ years old now and over that time there have been many improvements in the technology. The problem you face as a business owner is finding out which website design and development companies have kept up with those improvements and have kept their pricing inline with those improvements.  

In the "Beginning" companies like our would have to write and code a website. Back in those days we could charge 5K for a fairly large business or company website. As things progressed software was developed to make our jobs easer yet some design companies still kept that hefty price point and kept you in the dark about how much time it really takes to design a site.

Now on the other hand the second thing you need to watch out for are all the soccer moms and Johnny come lately companies that are springing up like weeds across the country.  They have figured out how to use "Website in a Box" software like Coffee Cup html Editor, Web Studio, WebEasy Professional, or any of the other cheap website in a box software packages out there. 10 Years ago these where great programs to use. Using these today is like shooting your company in the foot before you even start your business.

So what's wrong with these programs? Glad you asked.  The first thing is these programs and the people that use them usually don't understand Search Engine Optimization, and they won't tell you that having a site like this is usually not up to Google and other Search Engine Standards like (Responsive Website Design, Mobile Phone and Tablet Ready) I won't go into much detail about this now but you can read more about this here. It basically boils down to them building you a cheap over priced company or business website that you will not be able to make any changes to yourself but will be subject to their hourly wage for making updates, their availability to make your updates, their dependability to make your updates and how long will a soccer mom or pop up company be around in the future to make your updates?

So What's the Solution? Again, glad you asked!  CMS stands for "Content Management System" these are web based platforms that let you log into your own website and make most changes on the fly. Some of these included Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and a few others.  The benefit is you are no longer bound to your web designers hourly prices to make changes unless you want to be.  This is fantastic news for small businesses and large businesses alike because your going to save thousands of dollars a year by not having to pay your designer to log in and make simple changes, you now have the ability to do it yourself from just about anywhere you have an internet connection!

CMS platforms created by companies that know what they are doing are very "Search Engine Friendly", Comply with Search Engine Standards and optimize very well.  Most CMS systems are easy to keep updated and usually let you know when updates are available and update themselves with the click of a button again making it a far superior way to go for any business owner large or small.

We want you to be educated and make the right choice when it comes to your new website or your new website redesign. We have a "Learn More" section on our site where we go more in depth on some of these subjects. Please do your business a favor and spend a few minutes reading up on the things you need to know, it can save you thousands of dollars in costly mistakes and get your business on the right track right now!  When you're ready to take the plunge or want to learn more, give us a call! We would love to get to know you better and your companies needs!

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